Each journey starts with one small step

20 October 2014
Written by Vanessa Kenny
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Vanessa Kenny tackles the elephant in the room: fitness! Setting herself an achievable set of exercise goals aimed at regaining her former fitness glory days

My lovely friend B’s mum can do 100 squats a day; she’s 82! I love that, 82 and can do 100 squats; she is a legend and puts some of us relative youngsters to shame; namely Me!...so this Spring I’m starting with 10. Yep believe you me 10 is fine, especially if it is the one exercise you despise the most and find quite tough. So my mission (I stole this bit from one of my clients) is to, every time I go to the loo, dutifully do 10 squats – well not at the same time! My toilet stop will be my reminder people. I do find squats a chore with exercise and quite hard usually – umm probably because those there squatting muscles are the very same ones I need to build up...darn!

...and speaking of exercise;

My mum has a laminated picture of a 92 year old doing the splits on her fridge. I love that picture. So much so that I may even be so bold as to ask for it to be bequeathed to me in her will... well I’ve got two sisters and they might like it as well. I have been
thinking about that picture for some time - 92years old! I’m 45 and have always wanted to do the splits, ever since I was big enough to kart wheel around our garden pretending to be the Olympic gymnast Olga Korbet at the same time - ahem! Yes I was quite the dreamer.

I do love a physical challenge ... when I’m in the mood. Lucky for me I can always hark back to the time I ran the London marathon (once) and trained all winter long in Scotland with my pal Janet a hardy Scotswoman. I remember running with gloves and a woolly hat it was so cold at times. One night I slipped on the cobbled streets not once nor twice but three darn times in one night, the third resulting in me sprawled out like a starfish on the ground – nice! I was so glad it was dark. Yee gods weren’t looking out for me that night. The great thing was when I was feeling pretty good, Janet was usually feeling crappy and I would spur her on and vice versa, so a buddy for fitness can be really fun. We basically chatted the whole training run, no doubt putting the world right as ya do. Even though it was 15years ago, I can draw upon the fact that I once (once being the operative word) ran 26.2 miles (42.19km) non-stop (well apart from the loo stops; no squatting involved!) and reckon to myself in my kinda logic, if I can do that I can do almost anything if the effort is concentrated and my focus good. 

I’m not sure a training pal in learning to do the splits is necessary or required. In my minds eye I just plan on dazzling everyone with my most amazing feat once I can accomplish it. I mean how hard can it be, that other old lady was 92 for goodness sake.

What are your plans for spring for summer fitness? MyWellbeing would love to know so feel free to comment below.

Vanessa’s five step plan for doing the splits; 

  • Step one - focus
  • Step two - breath, preferably more than once
  • Step three - gently position for split stance - a little like the warrior pose in yoga
  • Step four - ease down gently - preferably every day ummm maybe a few times a day would be best
  • Step five - just keep going, day by day, until destination is reached, the floor.

Remember every journey starts with one small step or stretch in my case.

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+1 #1 Colette Maat 2014-11-02 09:17
Love this Vanessa!! Brought a smile to my face on this Sunday morning. :-) I too was a huge Olga Korbet fan, but never eased my way into the splits! I have no doubt that you can accomplish this. Keep us posted :-) In the meantime, 'Go the 'squat girl'!!!!!

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