Fit and fabulous in your 50s

20 August 2014
Written by Colette Maat
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Guest writer Colette Maat, Integrative Health & Life Coach, mum and author of the upcoming book 'Lighten Up’, shares her thoughts on being fifty and fabulous



One of the most talked about issues around the 50s is hormones. Given many terminologies from ‘the change’, ‘mid life’, ‘the dreaded menopause’ and ‘the devil’s own time’, it’s hardly surprising that women begin to dread this time in their lives from the late 40s on-wards. Personally I think it’s been given a bad rap and frankly too much attention. I bring to mind one of the most influential teachers of all time, Louise Hay: as she so rightly puts it, menopause is not a disease, it is a natural part of life and one that is to be respected and understood, not to be condemned and dreaded. 

When it comes to the stage where you feel ‘intuitively’ that you may want to have your hormone levels checked, then this is where you would select a health-care provider who will carry out the testing procedures under your request. My expertise lies outside of the realm of hormone levels and their intrinsic need for balance from outside assistance implementation (such as hormone replacement or bio-identical hormone usage). 

My expertise however, lies in working around the parameters and providing the practical and everyday tools to lessen the effects of any changes which may be sneaking their way into your body mind and spirit at this time.

Her are my top tips to balance ‘naturally’ the minefield that is the hormonal make-up:

  1. Keep processed foods and beverages to an absolute minimum and possibly get them out of your diet on a permanent basis.
  2. Shift the balance to a higher percentage of plant based foods and, if you are a meat-eater, try going for organic cuts, including organic in any dairy products consumed (due to the ‘uncertainty’ when it comes to what is actually in the animal products or byproducts from their feed and their upkeep).
  3. When it comes to soy products, limit soy to only the fermented variety, such as tempeh, nato and miso. Watch out for foods (processed) that contain soy byproducts such as soy protein or soy lecithin. 
  4. Get the sugar out! It’s an old one by now but still remains the foundation for clearing up any disruption, especially hormonal. Not just the sugar that we see but the hidden sugars in so many foods these days and not only this but the foods that are seen by the body as sugar and therefore processed in the same fashion as sugar such as breads, bagels, baked goods, cakes, biscuits, white pastas, rice and fruit juices! Yes that glass of orange juice in the morning contains as much sugar as a glass of Coca-Cola. However that said, it does contain vitamins and some calcium, but do take care not to overdo it and make sure you have a protein alongside.
  5. Caffeine! One cup is enough and if you are super sensitive to the caffeine, try cutting it out altogether. This could take some time so wean yourself down by having a glass of water on the side each time. Then slowly reducing the amount until you are ready to replace the coffee with a nice cup of green tea (which does have some caffeine, but with the added antioxidants and none of the toxins).
  6. Look at where you can start to replace beauty and body products which are full of chemicals with natural and chemical free varieties. This process is something you can do over time and will absolutely make a difference to how the balance of the body’s hormones come into play. Remember, the skin is the largest organ in the body and what goes on the skin is very quickly absorbed into the rest of the body and therefore the more artificially produced and chemically enhanced the product(s) the more likely the body is to be challenged in dealing with what is seen as alien invaders. A lot of these ‘chemical invaders’ play havoc with an already challenged hormonal system. 
  7. Start saying ‘no’ to what you will not accept any more and saying ‘yes’ to what you would like in your life. Stop compromising on your happiness. It’s time for you to shine your light of wisdom and greatness.
  8. EXERCISE! include daily activity in whatever form makes your heart sing! Our moods are lifted and alongside that, so are our buttocks and any unwanted kilos in the process.

So that’s it for the dark recesses of our hormones in our 50s!
Till next time, 
Be Fit & Be Fabulous! 

Colette Maat 
Integrative Health & Life Coach, Mum, and Author of upcoming book; ‘Lighten Up’…An everyday approach to living healthy (and possibly skinny!), without obsessing, depriving or pretending to like green juice.




0 #1 Dianne Rini 2014-08-22 11:35
Great article! I loved it. Great information.

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