Reconnecting mind and body

20 April 2013
Written by Sally Dutton | Images Sally Dutton
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Regular contributor Vanessa MacDonald introduces this month's guest post, Reorganisational Healing Practitioner Sally Dutton, sharing her life journey


Guest Post: Sally Dutton
Reorganisational Healing practitioner specialising in
 NSA (Network Spinal Analysis) and
SRI (Somato-Respiratory Integration)

How did I find my way to this work?

I’ve been involved with helping people with their health for over 30 years and my journey continues to evolve.

After college my parents expected and encouraged me to go to university - it was an opportunity they never had.  I was just 17 and had more ideas about what I didn’t want to do than what I did want.

I ended up loving zoology and psychology.  My honours degree in zoology led me into a job as a science technician with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries – Fisheries Research Division (now NIWA).  I was already a keen diver, so becoming a part of the research diving team, one of their first women divers, was a fantastic opportunity for fun and adventure with a lot of ‘neat people’.

After four years though I found myself in overalls and gumboots out at the Mahanga Bay shellfish hatchery being ‘nanny’ to New Zealand’s first aquacultured baby paua. It was rather depressing.

I asked myself one day “Who benefited from my work today?” I realised that I had a strong need for a feeling of contribution and service to other people (not just to paua). So, back to when I was first studying zoology and became a diver, I was fascinated by evolution and how the increasing complexity of structure and function was matched by increasingly complex neurological systems as one ‘progressed up the phyla’.

My diving instructor and friend, who happened to be a chiropractor, loaned me a text by (celebrated American chiropractor) Albert E Homewood; “The Neurodynamics of the Vertebral Subluxation”. I remember getting ’the tingles’ as I read this book. The idea of being able to ‘remove interference’ from the human nervous system to allow the body to heal was an exciting idea.

So I stepped out of my gumboots and hung up my overalls and headed for Melbourne and a five-year chiropractic course.  (The Auckland School of Chiropractic didn’t exist back then.)  On returning to Wellington I practised traditional chiropracty for 12 years in my own practice in Cuba St and then Dixon St. 

Many things, including my own increasing health challenges, led me to my first NSA (Network Spinal Analysis) seminar with founder and developer Dr Donald Epstein, author of “The Twelve Stages of Healing”. I remember sitting on the plane back from Sydney and being all ‘a-tingle’.  This was big.

The original NSA work has recently come under the new umbrella of Reorganisational Healing and it’s transcending the chiropractic approach to involve many other healing modalities, including psychotherapy and cardiology.

Exactly how it works is being investigated scientifically by neuroanatomists, sociologists, electrophysicists and others who are fascinated by the unique ‘healing waves’ developed during this work, but experiential evidence is overwhelming – it works.  

With very gentle contacts to the spine or body, the spinal behaviour changes and we begin to perceive life in a different way.  There is discovery, transformation and awakening.

As people advance with the work they are able to experience more of being a spirit living through their body, and, as Dr Bruce Lipton says, what physicists call the matrix, religious people call God.

What I am finding fascinating lately is how people get stuck in their own story. People become heavily invested in one way of explaining what’s happened to their lives, their health. It’s a function of level of consciousness and cultural norms to attribute our condition to outside causes.

Reorganisational Healing connects people to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of themselves in such a way that there is a shift in perception.  People become more empowered and participative in their own healing. The old story falls away and personal evolution occurs.

I had this modelled for me by my parents.  When I was seven they were told that my father would live only for another two years. They didn’t accept this and both made changes and worked at being well, enabling Dad to enjoy many years as an administrator with the NZ Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association.  Dad told me that when he was ill as a child his mother had taken him out of hospital to an osteopath who helped him heal and become a top NZ road cyclist.

This work allows me to be a participant both in my own and my clients’ journeys, to be a part of the awakening of global change through the transformation of individuals, families, communities and nations. It gives me purpose.

Instead of focusing on less of something…food, diet drinks, depression etc, it helps your brain connect to the increasing ease and connection in your body and to find more or plenty. Your thinking shifts. You find yourself looking at challenges and wondering “Who was that person back then who thought that was a good idea?” 

My days now have lots of space in them to enjoy my partner, walk on the beach with my horses, spend time in the garden, read, and play with beautiful fabric.  A few of years ago I was very computer-illiterate, so I learned how to make websites and participate in the online world.




For more information about Sally's work at Natural Healing Raumati
22 Margaret Road, Raumati Beach, Kapiti
phone 04 905 4151
or visit


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