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20 March 2013
Written by Vanessa Kenny
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What do we do when our pets are stressed or in need of emotional care? Vanessa MacDonald discusses how natural therapies help animals in times of need


In the past 15 years, scientists the world over have established beyond doubt the therapeutic value of animal companions. In Cambridge, England, researchers discovered that, within a month of taking a cat or dog into their home, new owners reported a "highly significant" reduction in minor ailments.

The Baker Medical Research Institute in Melbourne, Australia, showed that the health benefits were more far-reaching. A study of some 6000 patients revealed that those with pets had lower blood pressure, a lower cholesterol level and, as a result, a diminished risk of heart attack. And American researchers have established that, even after a heart attack, pet owners are more likely than other coronary patients to be alive a year later.

So there you have it, pets are good for MyWellbeing...that I already knew as I have more than one and they give me much pleasure and on occasion some heartache.

After spending a weekend away, I returned to find my energetic goat Billy T.I (yes that’s T.I not T.J and T.I for short) had been up to mischief and somehow caught his horn in a rope tied to the paddock fence.

Goats are renowned for being adventurous animals and I'm guessing the old sayings like ‘silly billy’ must have come from goats getting themselves into some tricky situations. Well T.I managed to weasel his way out of his tangle but not without taking off the outer horn layer.  Not nice at all and very stressful for him. Fortunately, our MyAnimals contributor Jenny Geelan was passing by and was able to assess the situation. A trip to the vet ruled out infection or major damage but, as one would imagine, Jenny said T.I had suffered from shock and trauma and would benefit from some flower essences. Well I am just the right lady for that!

When we or our animals have an accident we most often treat the outward damage and are less likely to treat the stress or emotional pain. Flower Essences help enormously at these times and can shift negative emotions so they don’t get trapped in our physical bodies.

Flower essences for animals and people work on a vibrational level and help to bring emotion and body back into balance.

  • If you or your pet can become emotionally balanced, then most likely any emotional/behavioural problems will be greatly reduced or eliminated
  • Flower essences can help animals and people with behaviours that are aggressive or dominant, fearful or submissive, impatient or hyper, depressed or moody, and tired or lazy
  • Since most illnesses are a result of emotional blockages in the body, flower essences can also help resolve health issues that are emotionally based

How are the flower essences for animals and people administered?

While a single flower essence for animals and people can be effective, many animals and people need a combination of 3-8 essences in order to help them with their issues. 

Essences can be administered by:

  • putting drops directly in the mouth, on food or in a liquid
  • placing them on your hands and rubbing them onto your body or that of your pet
  • putting them in a spray bottle and misting yourself or your animal 
  • combining the drops with bath water

I gave poor T.I essences for his trauma and he went about lapping them up straight off the dropper bottle I had them in. So he’s not such a ‘silly billy’ after all as he obviously knew what was good for him.

How quickly can I see results with flower essences for animals and people?

While most of the time improvement may be seen within the first few days, situations involving more serious or ongoing issues may need several weeks or longer. With consistent improvement, you can decrease the amount of drops given and wean you or your animal off. 

With T.I the results were swift as he visibly calmed and started to follow me around. His trip to the vet ended with part of his horn being removed but I shall keep giving him his essence blend till I feel he is back to himself. Meanwhile I’ll search the paddock for anything else that he may get into trouble with. All of our animals are in need of some emotional support at times and with the use of flower essences I have a means of helping them.

For Individual Flower Essence Consultations in Clinic or via email please contact:

Vanessa MacDonald at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

For Reiki Healing / Therapuetic Massage with Vanessa MacDonald
please phone 027-4930988

First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® were co-created by Franchelle Ofsoske-Wyber and Tony Wyber.

In 2008 Franchelle was awarded the New Zealand Health Industry Distinguished Services Award for Research and Development.

Ref: The healing power of pets Peter Browne



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