Attitude is everything

20 November 2014
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Choosing to walk on the sunny side of the street, Vanessa shares her thoughts of happiness, the power of positive thinking and making the choice to be happy 

Someone did a study recently in New Zealand to find out what made people happy (and if I remember rightly they were paid quite handsomely in research funding for this quest).  It was published in a national newspaper and I read it thinking how strange we are as humans looking for happiness as an external experience to internalise. I am pretty sure the final prognosis was that having friends, family and support made us happiest.

I am not denying the fact that I would struggle having no family, friends or community to lean on in hard times and be there when I am vulnerable ...BUT if I were to let outside influences dictate my happiness I could be waiting a long time to get me some real lasting wholesome happiness. It’s all a matter of perspective and attitude from where I sit - on my comfy fence (post) watching the world.

Attitude is everything, well to me it is, so if I go out in the world and create my own happiness even in the mist of upheaval, pain or loss it surely gets the happiness ball rolling and as 'like attracts like' more happiness comes my way....Yippee! how easy was that.  

Starring at a beautiful flower, tree or artwork may inspire happiness. In fact, anything I enjoy would have impact on this soul's happiness levels. Baby animals have a high happiness turnout rate in this here human and luckily for me people from all over the world seem to be endlessly putting up cute, funny and inspiring animal antics all over the internet, so I know just where to go to fill up my happiness tank. These external experiences influence my happiness levels but do not dictate it. I DO folks, as the master and creator of my own internal universe...ohh the power :-).

Yep happiness for me is a choice and sometimes I chose it and sometimes I choose sadness, anger and an array of other not so lovely emotions...I also choose how long I let them stay there festering away inside. Sometimes a minute then it's gone, sometimes an hour, sometimes days; god forbid sometimes for years. My choice! My life! My world!

"Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be" - Abraham Lincoln

  • I'm with Abraham and at times it's tough, no denying that, I am never far from inspiration though and funny animal antics:

  • And here's the Dali Lama take on happiness; Enjoy!

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