Pohutukawa: The Initiative Essence

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The first NZ Flower Essence in the First Light range is Pohutukawa

Pohutukawa: The Initiative Essence
Archetype: The Pioneer
Positive attributes: Self-awareness; self-assertion; self-realisation; power used with wisdom; personal will and a strong sense of self
Transforming conditions of: weak-willed; can’t say no; easily influenced or imposed upon; passive; succumbs to peer pressure; pain; anger
  • Helps one restore contact with ones inner power and will so that one is not so easily led astray by stronger forces
  • Helps those who suppress their own needs, or neglect their own calling for the needs of others
  • Helps awaken one to the beauty of the natural world and establish communion with nature power
  • Use when the inner spark is low or when life force or ‘chi’ is depleted through volatility, repressed pain or holding on to anger
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