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Trudi Bennett of Wardrobe Flair is passionate about helping people find their own style. Following a logical & practical approach Trudi makes people feel confident, comfortable & happy in what they wear. Previously a Journalist Trudi is excited to combine her love of style with writing

Wardrobe Flair: www.wardrobeflair.com

Trudi's passion for fashion began after living in London for six years. Previously a journalist in both London and NZ, she began the journey of researching and creating Wardrobe Flair in 2005. Every process is unique to Trudi, who follows an instinctual, logical and practical approach to finding colours, shapes and styles that suit everyone.
Since the business began it has grown through word-of-mouth and referrals. This has reiterated and confirmed that Trudi's approach to her clients and her consultation processes have helped clients throughout New Zealand. Trudi is completely passionate about the business of building people's confidence, showing individuals their strengths in dressing and importantly making it easy in this busy day and age. 
Trudi loves fashion, colours and helping her clients find their own style. She has helped all ages, from 7 to 75, every occupation from priests, musicians, professionals, mums at home to business men and women from size 4 to 30 and everything in-between.
As well as helping numerous individuals over the last 8 years, Trudi enjoys working with new and existing corporate companies such as Westfield Queensgate & Air NZ. Last year Trudi was asked to present 8 fashion 'what to wear' segments on TVNZ's Good Morning show and is an ongoing radio participant on Newstalk ZBs Face Off panel with Sean Plunket. 
A new and exciting opportunity in 2012 for Trudi was being invited to work with iconic NZ fashion designer Robyn Mathieson on her Summer 2012 and Winter 2013 collections.
With a background in Journalism, Trudi loves combining her love of practical style and colour advice with Fashion blogging.
When Trudi is not teaching people about their colours and shape, shopping or blogging she enjoys Bikram yoga, running, mountain biking, reading, LOVES to cook and tries at all times to laugh out loud with family and friends.
To see a stylist from Wardrobe Flair in Wellington costs $235 for a fully comprehensive 2 hour Colour, Style and Wardrobe Session. To see Trudi in Auckland for the same session costs $289. This includes your colours, body-shape analyses, wardrobe re-vamp, shopping list, colour chart and consultation summary. Shopping trips are Wellington $100 per hour/ Auckland $125.  We do mainstream and pre-loved shopping. “This service costs the same as couple of pieces of clothing you bought and never wore”.

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