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20 September 2014
Written by Trudi Bennett
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If you find yourself pulling creased shirts out of a wardrobe filled with clothes you can't even remember owning then perhaps it's time for a spring clean!

Spring has sprung! Excitement – and sadly for me hay fever - is in the air! But whilst I sneeze in exhilaration, I am also aware that it’s time to spring clean your wardrobe. I’ve been running weekly challenges on my Facebook page this month www.facebook.com/wardrobeflair

The first challenge was about visual clarity in your wardrobe. Can you see what you ACTUALLY have? I mean this quite literally. How many of you hang multiple items on one hanger? I’m sure many of you do. So this is the first thing you need to do, take off all items and allocate one piece per hanger. Simple right? This might mean that you either need to do a mini cull of clothing you don’t actually wear first so that you have enough hangers OR it might be that you need to head to the shops and buy more hangers. Either way, at least each piece can be seen or you will no longer have to declare ‘oh THAT’S where that went’. 

I really like wooden hangers best if you are going to replace or buy new hangers. They not only look really nice, they are the kindest things possible for your clothes. Many a piece of clothing have I seen that has been damaged in some way by nasty wire hangers. Plastic is second best, but if you can ‘spring’ for some nice hangers, wooden are the way to go.

Second and very importantly on the list “TO DO’ this spring, is a good underwear clean-out. Now whether you are a matching top and bottoms sort of a girl or someone who doesn't care/notice what state your smalls draw is in, the focus is on checking out what you have and what needs replacing. Your checklist includes - does it fit? Is it comfortable? (no scratchy lace allowed) Can I see my hand through it? Is my bra the right size? Have I been and had a free bra fitting? (Bendon stores do these and advise it should be done yearly). 

With summer coming and T-shirts to be worn, we don't want to add bulges due to ill-fitted underwear.

So I’d like you to dump your whole underwear drawer on the bed and go through it piece by piece. While you are at it, rearrange it to look pretty – two jobs in one! It’s a great excuse to see what you have and what needs replacing. 

In next month’s column I will go through a detailed list of what a really good summer capsule wardrobe needs to include and hints and tips on what style or shape these pieces need to include. Spring and summer can be tricky for many people for multiple reasons. One being that we are exposing more skin and for many people that seems super scary. Never fear! I’m here to make sure you have a fun, colourful, comfortable summer wardrobe that fits you well, suits your shape and generates lots of compliments so you can enjoy spring and summer to the full. Stay tuned! 


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