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For photographer and writer Sacha Kenny, her two sections in MyMag, MyStory and MyPlace, are a dream come true - encapsulating both her love of the visual with her love of a good story. Having worked as a photographer and writer in Australia, pre children, Sacha feels at home behind a lens

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I love to photograph people within their environment, capturing an essence of their personal style, seeing what inhabits their space, telling their story – not in a materialistic way but rather with an element of visual fascination.

For me this is what both MyPlace and MyStory are all about.  They are about sharing and enjoying the visual beauty and stories of everyday people.

When asked what type of photographer I am my simple answer is “lifestyle”.

My images are very much a reflection of what I see, the beauty in the simple things - the every day moments.

I fell in love with photography when on my OE.  I’ve always been a visual person, I love to look at things, really look and take in every essence and travelling opened me up to a visual fantasy.

When I returned to New Zealand after three years, I still had itchy feet and so moved to Brisbane.  There I undertook a certificate course in photography before progressing to complete a Bachelor of Visual Arts, majoring in Photojournalism at Queensland College of Art, as well as a Bachelor of Communications majoring in Print Journalism from Griffith University.

All through university and for a time afterwards I worked as a photographer and journalist on the Fairfax weekly newspaper Queensland Country Life as well as for the Indigenous Australian organisation FAIRA for whom I photographed the Aboriginal protest demonstrations of the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

These real-life experiences, as well as some fantastic mentors, gave me a great foundation in visual percepton, balance, light and most of all visual story-telling.

I am now back in New Zealand living on the beautiful Kapiti Coast with my family and enjoying the awesome opportunity to photograph some great people within their Place - telling their Stories.



Bachelor of Visual Arts: Photojournalism major
Queensland College of Art, Griffith University
Brisbane, AUSTRALIA 

Bachelor of Communications: Print Journalism major
Griffith University


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