Selenium-Boosted Smoothie

20 December 2013
Written by Nicola Galloway | Images by Nicola Galloway
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Nicola Galloway serves up an utterly divine banana smoothie with an avocado twist, which if it tastes half as good as the photos look is sure to be delicious



Summer is here and starting the day with a smoothie is a great start to the day. The addition of Brazil nuts supplies the essential mineral and anti-oxidant selenium. Because New Zealand soils are low in selenium it is important to include selenium-rich foods in the diet. 2-3 Brazil nuts a day helps boost selenium in the diet, we also like them chopped and sprinkled over our 'sunny' muesli

Serves 2  (or in our case 1 adult and 2 toddlers)

8 Brazil nuts
1 ripe banana
1/2 avocado
juice of 1 orange or tangelo
4 dates, soaked in warm water to soften for 30 minutes
1 Tbsp virgin coconut oil
1 tsp cinnamon
approx. 1 cup water

Combine the ingredients including 1/2 cup of water in a blender. Blitz for 1 minutes until smooth. Check consistency and add extra water as needed to thin. Serve immediately. *You can also use frozen banana pieces for a cold and creamy smoothie.



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