Butter Bean and Cabbage ‘Stewp’

20 September 2013
Written by Colette Maat
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Our guest post this month is by Integrative Health Coach, Colette Maat who shares with us a fabulous, quick, easy, nutritious and tasty hearty soup or 'Stewp'

Colette’s quick and easy Butter Bean and Cabbage ‘Stewp’. (Not a stew, not a soup, but somewhere in between!)

When it comes to spending time in the kitchen, whether it’s preparing dinner, baking, creating something off the chuff or rushing to create something quick and nutritious after collecting my daughter from a late finish dance class, I am in my ‘happy place’ when I am there.

However, as this is only true for the minority of busy families in today’s ‘instant’ world, it can be challenging for those who want to put some healthy food into picky eaters while spending minimal time in the kitchen. So I have created a quick and easy one pan dish that will capture the sweetness that we crave, the nutrition that we often forget about and the convenience that we didn’t know could come from our own kitchen.

Firstly, let’s not be mislead by one of the key ingredients in the dish, that of the humble cabbage! Many consider the cabbage, especially when starring in a dish such as soup or stew, or in this case ‘stewp’, to be for the sole purpose of making a strict diet unbearable for both the participating candidate and for those around them. I can assure you that not only is this humble vegetable a little miracle when it comes to health benefits, with it’s rich source of vitamins, minerals and fibre, when combined with the remaining ingredients in this dish - it will shine through in this resulting sweet rich hearty soul food.

Before I list the ingredients, I would just like to mention that I am not always in favour of ‘exact’ measuring when it comes to a hearty dish such as this one. Simply because it depends on how many family members you have, which ingredient would you like to ‘shine through’ most, or whether are you making enough just for one, or enough to freeze for a handy ‘go to’ on your next crazy busy day. This is how I made it for my daughter and myself, and there was enough left over for my lunch the following day. Result!


  • Half small green cabbage
  • Small Kumara(sweet potato)
  • Medium onion
  • 3 cloves garlic
  • Half leek
  • Can Butter Beans (strained and washed well)
  • Carrots (2 small or one large)
  • Coconut oil (approx 1tbs)
  • Half tbs white miso (optional, though adds beautiful sweet rich taste)
  • 1 tsp dried mixed herbs - can be anything you prefer, such as rosemary/sage/parsley/bay leaf
  • Half tsp turmeric (optional as this has a strong flavor, however it is the ultimate anti inflammatory spice of today!)
  • Celtic Sea salt & crushed black pepper - (to taste, at end of cooking)

1. Stir fry Onion (chopped) & garlic(chopped or crushed) using coconut oil together with herbs & turmeric. If it begins to soak up all the oil early on, just add a little water and keep adding water until onions are beginning to soften

2. Add Kumara (roughly chopped into bite sized chunks) and stir

3. Add water, enough to cover contents and then a little more

4. Prepare leek and carrot, chopping into bite size chunks and add to saucepan, ensuring there is enough water to cover all

5. Take half the butter beans and in a separate dish, blend until smooth, then add to saucepan and stir

6. Roughly shred cabbage and add to saucepan, stir and ensure there is enough water to cover

7. Cover and leave to simmer until cabbage is relatively soft without disintegrating. (If you prefer veggies to be a little more ‘aldente’ then simmer for shorter time, just keep checking until desired texture).

8. Add the remaining butter beans and miso, stir and it’s ready when you are

9. Add Sea salt & pepper to taste. This is an individual choice and I would recommend that each one seasons accordingly


Colette Maat
Integrative Health Coach

I began my passion for health and fitness in the mid eighties at the age of 23 and have dedicated the last 20+ years to developing myself and others who are searching for their own slice of peace with their body, who are working to create a healthy balance in their health, lifestyle/quality of life and overall wellbeing.

I am fiercely passionate about supporting individuals, groups and families to implement small changes that create a healthy environment, beginning in the kitchen, so that they can enjoy life as it is meant to be lived, with vibrance, sustained health and joy.

I incorporate several modalities within my ‘Life Upgrade Coaching’ programs, such as; ‘Feng Shui for the western home’; Healing with food first; Loving the self -The Louise Hay approach; Fitness prescription without the gym membership; Emotional Freedom Technique for those stubborn and destructive unconscious beliefs; Basic cooking guidance for bringing simplicity into the kitchen; and Addressing the ‘Stress Factor’ for restoring balance in Mind, Body & Spirit.

I grew up in Northern Ireland, youngest of a large Irish catholic family. I flew the nest at the early age of 17 and during the subsequent years, wove in and out of a very nomadic lifestyle, collecting treasured experiences, certifications & diplomas, challenges, life lessons, life long connections and wisdom. Eventually in 2007, I made my way down to New Zealand together with my Dutch husband and our Daughter who is now 13 yrs, where we get to experience life in all it’s simplicity here on the Kapiti Coast.

When I am not coaching, writing, de-cluttering, or in the kitchen working on my meatless dinner creations or gluten free cookie baking mania, I can be found on my cross trainer, catching up on recorded episodes of Corro or Neighbors (yes, I am easily entertained!), or out and about on the beach or in the woods, fast walking my ‘newfound love’ my 2 year old retradoodle, Penny, (I spent my entire life having an inherent terror of dogs, and now I am besotted!).

Now, since turning 50 earlier this year, I genuinely feel like my life is just beginning. I guess it’s the fresh air and open spaces that this wonderful land provides.




-1 #2 guest 2013-09-25 17:20
Thank you Dianne! It's really my 'Happy place'!
0 #1 Dianne Rini 2013-09-23 14:09
Great article! Really enjoyed it! Colette you are such a talented writer. Can't wait to make the recipe. Sounds delicious.

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