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20 July 2013
Written by Victoria Monod-de-froideville | Images by Victoria Monod-de-froideville
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Professional chef, self-confessed dessert fiend and all-round queen of the kitchen,  Victoria Monod-de-froideville gives our taste buds some homemade heaven

Guest Post:
 Professional cook and pastry chef, Victoria Monod-de-froideville

This recipe combines honey, lemon zest, browned butter and almond meal. The result is a rich cake that is soft inside and crisp on the outside. Enjoyable as both a light dessert with fresh fruit or on their own for morning or afternoon tea, these buttery little French cakes, recognisable by their scalloped shell, shape make the perfect treat, Enjoy.

  • Makes 12 large or 24 small
    Unsalted butter, softened for greasing the pans
    13 tablespoons unsalted butter
    1 2/3 cups confectioner’s sugar
    ½ cup plus 1 tablespoon all-purpose flour
    ½ cup of finely ground almonds
    6 large egg whites
    1 tablespoon strong-flavoured honey
    1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
    2 lemons zested – optional

  • In a saucepan, heat the butter over a medium-high heat.  It will bubble, then foam and finally the butter will brown and smell nutty. Strain the browned butter into a bowl and allow to cool.  It shouldn’t be solid, but no longer hot.
    Sift together the sugar, flour and almond meal. Set aside.
    Beat the egg whites until foamy, but still very soft, so they run off the beater when it is lifted. Whisk in the dry ingredients gently with a hand whisk. Add the browned butter, honey and vanilla.  If you want a lemon-scented cake, then stir in the zest. Place the batter into a container, cover and chill for at least 2 hours.

  • Pre-heat oven to 375F/190C
    Generously grease your Madeleine pan with butter and fill about ¾ of the way with the chilled batter.  Bake the cakes for about 18 minutes or until they are brown on the edges and pale, but firm on the top.  The cakes will dome on the top and that is part of their signature look.  Dust with icing sugar and serve warm or allow to cool. They are best eaten warm but can be stored for up to 2 days in an air tight container.

  • : Use flavourful honey, preferably a local source
    : Chill the batter before baking
    : Make sure your Madeleine pans are really well buttered
    : Madeleine trays are available at most good cookware stores and worth purchasing as once you’ve mastered these cakes you’ll be making them all the time.

 ---------------------- Victoria Monod-de-froideville

Victoria Monod-de-froideville is a qualified cook and patisserie chef and has worked in numerous restaurants with many inspirational chefs and cooks.

For the past three years Victoria has been the owner/operator of a small woodfire pizza and delicious dessert eatery in Waikanae, north of Wellington. Here Victoria has built a strong reputation for her divine homemade cheesecakes, lemon meringue tart and gluten-free chocolate terrine. 

“A major part of my passion comes from sharing in the indulgence of losing oneself in the romance of a freshly baked pastry or the sensation of delicate chocolate mousse melting in the mouth. 

“What can I say, dessert - it’s an ongoing love affair of mine.”

However it’s important to note, it’s not all chocolate and tarts here. Victoria is a firm believer in maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a balance of good health and responsible nutrition, a path Victoria says, she finds herself more akin with as she evolves as a chef and mother.   

“My mission is to advocate, both for myself and others, a lifestyle that ensures optimum well-being through our everyday food choices.  I don’t believe we need to exclude the longings, the magic, the decadence derived from delicious treats - I believe, in moderation, they deserve a place at the table.

“For me it’s all about good food, good thoughts, good actions and always in that order.”

Victoria Monod-de-froideville
For all your dessert, wedding and celebration cake needs.... 
phone: 027 8122852
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+1 #1 Bronwyn Drysdale 2013-07-21 11:53
I can testify to Victoria's divine desserts and her made to order cakes are amazing!!!! She is so creative and can make anything! I love the way she uses only top notch ingredients and whenever possible local suppliers, will be ordering my Christmas cake early this year so I don't miss out!!!

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