March in the Vegie Garden

20 March 2014
Written by Kath Irvine | Images by Kath Irvine
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As the cooler temps slow down the growing rate of the vege garden, Kath reminds us what to do and plant in March to ensure yours is a plentiful winter garden

March – it sure feels like it – a march that is… against time. What is this peaceful occupation they call food gardening?! Autumn is here and in a couple of months' time the air and soil temps will be cooling off. I for one am so looking forward to it. Those cooler temps slow growth right down. May plantings will take much longer to mature than April plantings, taking longer again than March plantings.

The moral of this long wind is plant some winter stuff today. (Tomorrow is ok but don’t leave it longer than next week or you’ll have a food gap.) At this late stage, who cares if it’s the right moon or not; we’re in last-ditched-effort-country right about now. You’ve got about four or six weeks' produce left on your summer crops and then what?

Yours in the earth,

(Come and see me at the Kapiti Sustainable Home and Garden Show on March 22/23 - I'd love to see you)

(Bringing to mind the lovely lady who unsubscribed because I gave out too many jobs!)

Get planting! Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower. I plant a mix of brassicas out once every two-three weeks: two or three cabbages, four or so broccoli, a kale and a cauli or two and this way our harvests have variety. Mix it up to suit your household.

Plant salads under the brassicas. They’ll grow fast in the rich soil, appreciate the shade and be well finished before the brassicas even begin. In your heavy-feeder bed plant out some perpetual spinach and lots of parsley for a steady supply of fresh greens right through till it heats up again next summer.

  • Tray sow more brassicas for mid March plantings and some celery too.
  • Direct sow winter greencrops as your light feeders finish – oats, wheat, barley, mustard.
  • Direct sow carrots, beetroot, parsnip and radish.

This highlights the biggest challenge of March – keeping seed and seedlings moist in our driest time of year. If young brassicas dry out they’ll bolt to small heads or rice (where the head separates out into a loose flower instead of a lovely tight one); if saladings dry out they’ll be bitter and grow slowly; if seed dries out it won’t sprout … whatever way you look at it drying out is bad news.

I’m sure you know by now how to 'garden smart' and minimise your water use. If we were in a workshop I’d get you to call the solutions out to me - alas it's hard to hear down the ethernet, so here they are:

  • lovely, humus-rich compost
  • moisten the ground and soak your seedlings before planting out
  • give a lovely puddle to drink at planting time
  • pile up a mixed garden mulch on top.

Go the cloche hoops – they make protecting young seedlings a breeze. Birdnet over the cloches will stop cabbage whites getting to your crop and a bit of shadecloth will stop them baking to a crisp.

Move with the weather – once the sting goes out of the heat you can forget the shadecloth and, oh the relief, the watering will slow down too.

Deep breath. Take some time to sit, or lie if it’s been a long hard day, in your beautiful autumn garden. Adore the zinnias, cleome and gaillardia, the monarchs, the hoverflies, the bees and parasitic wasps, all the abundance sprung from your hands. Oh yes, all is well.

Bulb planting time is here

Buff up that spring under-storey with bulbs, bulbs and more bulbs! I have lots of beautiful Eerlicheer and King Alfred Daffs in bags of 10 for only $5.00. Come and see me at the Sustainable Home and Garden Show on March 22/23 and buy yourself some.

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  • Kath Irvine is a permaculture designer who has been designing and managing food gardens since the late 1990s. Passionate about growing food and good design, Kath runs workshops from her Edible Backyard, teaching people how to design and grow smart gardens. Edible Backyard:


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