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20 January 2013
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Business consultant Liz Ruratoto shares some timely advice on organisation & keeping on top of the admin pile when business planning for the new year 

With festivities and holidays almost over for most of us, you may now be turning your mind and energy to getting sorted for 2013.  Whether your business is in retail, health and well being, the fitness industry, hospitality, arts and lifestyle or consultancy etc it is good business practice to set aside some time and plan for the year ahead.

I personally manage my planning during June/July, aligning with the time of Matariki (the Maori New Year). As many things hibernate during winter, getting sorted mid-year allows the mind to become more focused moving forward.  And, because by nature I am easily distracted, it's great to organised well in advance of summer because there's far too much to do in the garden - not to mention fun to be had -that business planning invariably takes a back seat.

However, in saying that you may find this is the perfect time to get organised, as generally this is what we tend to start doing for our children - organising the school uniforms, the stationery, new bags and lunch boxes etc.


No matter what type of business you operate we all have admin responsibilities that inevitably have an impact on how seamless your business appears to your customers and clients.  

After all, as many women are experts at multi-tasking, paying attention to our admin duties will give us peace of mind when it comes to the small details as well as ensure that the things we love to do in our business will always be the best.

So what can you do to start your planning for 2013? If your work space is organised and tidy this will help you move through your administration in no time and let’s face it, admin work is like doing the ironing, we either love it or hate it!

Five Simple Tips To Get Organised

  • Reassess your desk space – are files, equipment that you use frequently in easy access?
  • Use a colour-coded system so that you are using your eyes to search rather than flicking through mountains of paper work.
  • Separate your personal affairs from your business. This may mean having a separate filing cabinet or simply filing at the back, again with colour coding.
  • Ask yourself what systems and processes in your business need re-evaluating.  Are you getting paid on time or are you slow at getting out invoices?  Do you have any bad debtors that you need to be following up and if so how can you improve on this? What can you do to reduce the number of clients you need to follow up on?
  • Clean out files, belongings, IT equipment before you start re-organising. At least then you know what you are left with to sort.

This is the just the beginning of planning for 2013. Have fun clearing out your admin spaces and I'm looking forward to discussing more planning for the operational side of your business in the following months.

He mihi nui mō te Tau Hou – Happy New Year!




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