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Faye Rogers is an internationally recognised Animal Communicator. Animal communication is the skill of telepathically communicating with animals allowing them to share their thoughts & feelings & develop a deeper understanding between animals & humans

Faye Rogers, Animal Communicator: www.animalcommunication-newzealand.com

I have always communicated with animals. As a small child I would blurt out something one of our family animals had shared or what I overheard the birds flying overhead advising of. 

In 1996 I first heard the actual phrase Animal Communicator when I was competing at a dog club event with an UK judge officiating. The judge asked me if I was an 'Animal Communicator' due to the interaction between myself and my dogs. I asked her what ‘Animal Communicator’ meant and she explained it is someone who communicates telepathically with animals and due to what she was witnessing between me and my dogs she had wondered if I was communicating with them! ‘Yip that sounds exactly like me, is that how you label what I’ve always done’ I thought. It was a turning point in my life.

From then I started attending Animal Communication workshops under an American communicator, these workshops gave me guidance and validation that ‘yes’ I am in-tune with animals. I am eternally grateful to my teachers, my fellow class attendees and of course the greatest teachers of them all - the animals, I will forever be learning from them.

Since 2006 I have given personal client consolations and communicated with animals worldwide – New Zealand, Australia, Pacific Islands, USA, Canada, Europe, UK, Nordic, South Africa and Asia.  

Animal’s love sharing, being heard and are full of wisdom – to allow this wisdone to come through and be shared I run Animal Communication workshops. During these workshops people can become receptive to the voices of animals or if they are already receptive, to bring the ‘communicator’ more credibility. These workshops are very empowering and each is uniquely different.  I also offer workshops focusing on: healing, unicorns, dolphins, golden dolphins, power animals and more.

In my dedication to support animals further I have attended various healing workshops i.e.  Bioenergetic Healing, Aurora Therapies, EFT, Colour Therapy, Sound Therapy, Magnets, Crystal Therapy, Canine Foot Reflexology. I mainly work with the Sacred Christed and Golden Dolphin Energies for healing, these have been gifted to me to share with others. 

I am also a qualified teacher of the Diana Cooper School (UK) qualified in Angels, and also Ascended Masters.

Animal Communication is not a quick fix education but rather a calling that gently unfolds and pushes you forward to discover more and more.


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