I Am Presence

20 October 2014
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Have you ever wondered what animals would say if they could talk? Faye Rogers is an animal communicator sharing thoughts and wisdom from the animal kingdom  


In this article Faye shares the story, communication
and wisdom given to her by Ra, a horse, who lives Germany.

Ra lives in Germany and I have recorded his messages twice for his caregiver, Susann.  Ra shared that he is a lightbearer and that he, along with many others 'one of many', is energetically assisting the planet to ascend. He shared the message of "I Am Presence" so beautifully that I will share a little of his message relating to this with you.

Firstly I will share some background snippets of Ra's life from an email that Susanna sent me after our first initial communication:

"I first met Ra when he was a three and half year old stallion. He was a curious, funny character however the farmer, whose property he was on, only kept him because Ra's owner had more-or-less left him at the stable because they could not afford to keep him.

"Generally people were afraid of "Ra the stallion" however I was not and I was able to give him a small amount of care.

"Ra was eventually sold to a lady who let anybody who wanted to ride use Ra.  Five years later I got a call from Ra's owner saying: "I know you always liked Ra; do you want him?".

"When I saw him I almost didn’t recongise him. Where once there had been a beautiful horse now was a fat, big horse with a mean face and ears and eyes that seemed dead and cold. He was so dirty and filthy that his spine was covered with a thick layer of dirt which, when I cleaned, the fur came off. He also had equine sarcoides all over his body, with one like a broccoli under his foreleg. They had done surgery there and used local chemo therapy but the sarcoides always returned.

"I found out that he was "unrideable" because he bucked (his saddle didn't fit at all) and he had a thin metal bit with long shags which had created wounds inside his mouth. He has bitten people and was the ‘mean one’ in the stable. I could not say yes to taking him right away but I felt so terribly sorry for this curious, funny boy who seemed to be gone.

"I had my homeopath check on him and she said it might take a year for his body to rid the toxins and for the sarcoids to go. I knew the owner had already offered him to a ton of people and he would be slaughtered if I did not take him. Honestly it was never a question that I would not say yes to taking him.

"It took us seven months of high dosage homeopathy to clear him of the sarcoids and they have never returned. Still the next seven years were not easy." 

  • Ra's Message.........it is a strange world that humans who have been told they are here for a higher or brighter reason have a need to use their ego where this is concerned or make themselves of importance whereas just being is of more importance as there is no “I” and it is maybe just “I Am Presence” which is vastly different than “I” as “I” is ego in this situation and “I Am Presence” is walking in light and with the forces of divinity that is present in one……..looking deep within own heart and being in the present is also the “I  Am Presence’”........

    if it wasn’t me assisting with earth evolution ascension changes it would be another so also see this – so that is what I mean by ones that might put themselves in the “I”  of thinking that all will fall over if they are not doing because this is so untrue as another will step into the “I Am Presence” on their behalf – so many willing and so many soul contracts signed though not really signed but agreements to be here to ensure the cosmic ascension of Earth



  • I Am Presence
    20 October, 2014
    Have you ever wondered what animals would say if they could talk? Faye Rogers is an animal communicator sharing thoughts and wisdom from the animal ki...

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