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20 November 2014
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Have you ever wondered what animals would say if they could talk? Faye Rogers is an animal communicator sharing thoughts and wisdom from the animal kingdom  


In this article Faye shares the wisdom given to her by Hero, Faye's wolfhound.

Creation lives within all – the planet has gone through amazing shifts and this is affecting bodies, affecting the emotions, affecting the mental – the mental and emotional playing out in the body…..

There are also great sparks of energy arising – great solar flares that are playing out in electromagnetic energy of this planet. It doesn’t matter what hemisphere you live in, this is happening worldwide. If you are a sensory person you will have been aware of the electromagnetic energy and the impact this might be having on your body. Maybe you are a treasured person who is assisting and supporting the planet. Maybe your essence belongs to the stars. These are all maybes but you are living in a period of great discovery. People are always searching, trying to find themselves, trying to discover who they are and the forces of nature and energy that is presently here will allow for great discovery from within. 

The animals are asking the humans to have force thought of beauty, if every person once a day shared the same repetitive message of beauty this would alter the energy and would assist others to become more wholesome.....

Not all are aware of changes as that would be impossible – some that are aware of changes see changes as doom and gloom as that is where their energy sits – the words of beauty to help rise the vibration of the planet further are "wholesome creation comes from within, I give to others as I expect to receive, I send love to all living beings, I ask for wholesome to come to me" you can make the words your own, you can alter the words but the essence of the words will hold true. 

As a dog all I see is greatness if I am treated fairly, if I have correct temperature for my needs, if I am fed, if I am played with, if I am loved – this is greatness for a dog – a dog has great heart expansion energy, great loyalty, protection and service to their humans. Dogs can sometimes also be complex beings, dogs can also sometimes not fit into modern society rules.



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