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We’re so excited you’re here – thank-you for taking the time to experience MyMag.co.nz

MyMag is your Mag! A free, monthly, online magazine sharing and celebrating quality content:

  • inspiring stories
  • knowledge
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  • and style 

Our difference is made through our content. MyMag articles inspire readers to live healthy, balanced lives. Through stories and knowledge MyMag aims to develop connection - networking, sharing and celebrating community, because we understand that stories allow us to dream, connect and take action.

MyMag is created by Sacha Kenny – author of the MyStory and MyPlace sections of the magazine.

For Sacha, who has a background in web content management, photography and journalism, MyMag is her dream job. “I started MyMag because, quite simply, I wanted to create a business and life I love. I wanted to incorporate the skills and knowledge I have gained over the years with my love of design, photography, great writing and storytelling and create something unique."

Creating an online magazine took root from the idea of forming a story-board of people passionate about what makes them tick, what makes them happy - whether that be their business, passion or way of life - and sharing that information with readers within a visually, beautiful magazine.

Sacha says the name MyMag came directly from the gods. “It literally just appeared in my head, there was no a-ha moment it was more of a gentle ‘yeah that’s a great name’ moment - the magic behind the name is that it fits perfectly within the core idea of creating a platform of writers sharing their knowledge and stories ie. MyGarden, MyKitchen, MyWellbeing etc.”

Sharing stories and knowledge is, since time began, how humans connect. We use stories not only as a way of collecting and retaining information but also as a way of understanding one another and in a world where there is an endless supply of content, the difference MyMag makes is through the quality and heart of our stories.


  • MyMag was launched in December 2012.  It is a monthly magazine published on approximately the 20th of each month.
    If you have a story idea or need to get in touch for any other reason please don't hesitate to contact us.

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